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About Caitlin

My name is Caitlin Smith and I'm a licensed professional counselor working virtually in Pennsylvania. I've been working as a counselor since 2013 and have supported many people with varying backgrounds, needs, and challenges. I treat a variety of issues ranging from mood and personality disorders to adjustment and substance abuse issues. I utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities such as Person Centered, DBT, and Somatic based practices while focusing on a harm reduction, humanistic lens. By using trauma informed methods, I'll work to meet you where you are without rushing your natural processes. Therapy is deeply personal and requires trust and consent, there is no right way to "do therapy," this time is ours to design together to best support you and your needs.  


I enjoy getting to know my clients and I'm invested in your satisfaction with your mental health and wellness, your relationships, your sense of self, and success with your personal goals. I'm here to celebrate your wins, and sit with you while you regroup after your losses. I'll work to empower you to understand systemic issues impacting your life, and talk openly about the barriers these throw in your way.  We will develop an understanding of your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical needs and how to satisfy them. Part of what fuels my passion as counselor is the opportunity to creatively collaborate with clients to find solutions to or ways of accepting life's challenges. Therapy works when it's the right fit, and there's no one size fits all approach. Whether you want to make therapy a regular part of your life, you're experiencing a crisis or loss, or if you're just curious to explore more about yourself, I'm happy to be a part of your journey. 

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